Objective & Background


     The objective of the CONSEC Conferences is to focus on the issues of concrete infrastructures and private buildings, either subjected to severe environment or severe loading, or any combination of severe conditions. Experience from the   performance of existing concrete structures, and especially under severe environmental conditions.



  The previous six CONSEC conferences were held in Sapporo (Japan) in 1995, Tromsø (Norway) in 1998,Vancouver (Canada) in 2001,  Seoul (Korea) in 2004, Tours (France) in 2007, and Yucatán (México) in 2010.  Each conference has provided a great platform for the exchange of information on materials and structural performance under extreme environment and loading, surveys of existing structures, innovative developments in high performance, sustainable and other specialized concretes, durability mechanisms, modeling and life cycle analysis, pioneering repair, retrofit and strengthening techniques using novel materials,and noteworthy design concepts and code activities.  

     Following these highly successful events, CONSEC13 will continue to be valuable event in concrete field with useful exchange of advanced academic research, joyful meeting opportunity for old and new friends, and fruitful outcome of solutions for concrete service life enhancement.